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February 10, 2020

HITACHI 4 Channel Record Player 8 Track Cassette AM-FM Stereo Vintage SDP-2930

This appears to have a wired remote that is not included. I have personally tested and all components appear to work. Record player, radio and 8 track. There is a...


January 5, 2020

HITACHI Quatramode Record Player 8 Track Cassette AM-FM Stereo Vintage SDQ-8810H

Exterior is in excellent condition with only minor scratches. Powers on, but not fully tested. If you have any questions, feel free to message us. The item “HITACHI Quatramode Record...


December 6, 2019

HITACHI TRK-7800E Boombox Stereo Cassette Recorder GHETTO BLASTER VINTAGE vgc

Boombox Stereo Cassette Recorder. Item very good condition throughout see the pics. Buttons all very good. Levelmatic recording and variable monitor system. The item “HITACHI TRK-7800E Boombox Stereo Cassette Recorder...